Headed Your Way

AEC is on a mission to change the way members access the internet. The Board of Trustees has studied this issue for nearly two years and explored options to ensure they offer members the very best.  They are excited to announce our new partnership with CarolinaConnect – a fiber-optic internet service provider – to deliver lightning-fast, reliable, more affordable internet service to members. We’re in the beginning stages of this multi-year project, and a more detailed schedule of the projected network build-out is being developed.  In the meantime, visit CarolinaConnect.com today to join the list, and we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to your area.

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Who is CarolinaConnect?

CarolinaConnect is an internet service provider located in Lexington, South Carolina, that delivers affordable high-speed internet across its territory. They currently provide internet service to members at Mid-Carolina and Newberry Electric Co-ops.

How will AEC and CarolinaConnect work together in this process?
AEC is responsible for determining where the fiber is built and for engineering and construction of the fiber build to the outside of the member’s home. CarolinaConnect is responsible for network connectivity and offering internet service to the fiber built areas that AEC selects. When AEC members sign up for internet service, they become CarolinaConnect customers – which means CarolinaConnect will manage their billing and accounts, and is responsible for service from the box outside of the home to the inside.

Will internet be offered to my area?
CarolinaConnect will only offer services to unserved and underserved areas. Unserved areas are places that are not currently being served by any form of facilities-based broadband, or that are only being offered internet through dial-up or satellite. Underserved areas are the homes who are currently being offered below 25M of internet service.

When will internet be offered to my area?
We’re in the beginning stages of the project, and the entire project will take multiple years to complete, so there is no way to determine exactly when it will be available in your area. A more detailed schedule of the projected network build-out is being developed. However, you can visit CarolinaConnect.com and join the list to receive alerts on the progress of the project, as well as when you’re able to sign up for service.

Why is the Tri-City substation first? 
Due to the requirements of grant, CarolinaConnect must first provide internet services to this area. We will work to provide service to the remaining underserved and unserved areas on a substation-by-substation basis. A more detailed schedule of the projected network build-out is being developed.

How can I sign up for internet service?
Visit CarolinaConnect.com and sign up to join the list. When internet service is available in your area, you will receive an alert to sign up for service.

What is the price for internet service?
Pricing will mirror Carolina Connect’s rate structure. This information can be viewed at carolinaconnect.com.

Will I need any special equipment?
No, CarolinaConnect will supply a router and service termination device. Customers can choose to use their own router if they choose to.

For technical questions, please call CarolinaConnect’s customer representatives at 803-785-3455. The technical support team is available 24/7.