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For your protection:

The credit card industry has implemented changes that require credit card payments to be processed through an automated system (without person to person contact). These changes are intended to protect you and your credit card data. For this reason, Aiken Electric Cooperative Member Services Representatives will no longer be able to accept credit card information over the phone. However, credit card payments are allowed using our automated phone system, mobile app, or online.

AEC System Upgrades

Scam AlertAs part of our ongoing advancements and enhancements to our service system, Aiken Electric Cooperative has been upgrading electric power meters. We will continue with this upgrade initiative for the next few years in an effort to improve our outage monitoring system and increase our responsiveness out in the field. All metering personnel will have Aiken Electric Cooperative uniforms and be in a truck clearly marked with our logo. They will also have official Aiken Electric Cooperative wallet identification. Thank you for your patience as we continue our efforts to better serve you, our members.

Members BewareScam Alert

Members continue to report being targeted with a telephone scam involving buying a MoneyPack. An individual pretending to be from Aiken Electric calls and tells the member that their service will be disconnected unless payment is made right away. Even when the member says they paid, the scammer reports that the co-op billing system did not process their payment and they need to make another payment by purchasing a Money Pack, call the number provided by the scammer and give the receipt and access numbers. The scammer then has access to the Money Pack account and takes the money.

Aiken Electric NEVER asks members to buy a Money Pack and members ALWAYS receive several notices prior to disconnection. If you are contacted with a threat of disconnection and suspect it may be a scam, call the co- op to verify and, also, report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. Thank you.

Troubled by nuclear issues

The reaction has been strong and widespread following last month’s decision to stop construction on two South Carolina nuclear units. Your board of trustees and I are troubled by the situation, too, so I wanted to provide our perspective on this still-developing issue.

SCE&G and Santee Cooper, owners of the V.C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in Fairfield County, stopped construction on two new units on July 31. The project was over budget and behind schedule, and costs continued to grow. The main contractor, Westinghouse Electric Co., had filed for bankruptcy in March, and its parent company, Toshiba Corp., was also financially challenged. Completing the project for a previously agreed fixed price of $13.9 billion was highly unlikely.

The power aggregator for your cooperative and the 19 others across the state, Central Electric Power Cooperative, did its own deep dive into the money and work site problems and concluded that the owners’ decision to stop was the right choice. It just didn’t make sense to continue in the existing framework of owners, costs and schedules. Nobody’s happy about this situation. Billions of dollars seem wasted, and we have no new power generators to show for it.

Electric cooperatives are not owners of the nuclear plant. These independent, member-owned utilities serving in all 46 counties are, as a group, Santee Cooper’s largest customer, and it is one of our biggest suppliers. We have long-term contracts with our power suppliers, a common and necessary practice in the electricity business, so expenditures by Santee Cooper impact us.

We understand and share the concern expressed by regulators, legislators, the governor and consumers. When frustrated SCE&G customers say stockholders, not ratepayers, should pay for the project’s failure, we know that our stockholders—our owners—are also our consumer-members. That’s why your board of trustees and I are especially troubled by these events.

We will support any appropriate inquiry or investigation into how decisions were made and whether they were prudent. To the extent that we can have an impact on the next steps in this difficult situation, we will work aggressively for the best interests of our members.

A final note: The cost and schedule overruns and the project’s failure have caused some people to wonder why the owners would have begun building nuclear generators in the first place. I want to recommend an article that provides an insightful explanation of how federal energy policy drives decisions in the electricity business. You can read it online at http://quorumcolumbia.org/2017/07/27/nuclear/.


Gary L. Stooksbury

Chief Executive Officer

We Need Your Email Address

We would like to try to communicate better with our membership when we have major storms or major events. To do this, we believe it would help if we could communicate with you via email as well as through our website and Facebook page. So, we ask that you click the link to the left, “receive email updates” and complete the registration page or send us your email address(es), along with your account name and service address, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can update our contact records. We will only use email communication during special situations or for important issues that may affect your service. As always, we will never share or sell your information. Our goal is to provide you the best member service possible, and we appreciate your partnership in that effort. Thank you.

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