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Member portal to make payments, view billing and usage information.

MONITOR my usage

View your hourly and daily energy usage as well as the weather data in conjuction with energy usage.

SET Alerts

Alerts and reminders can be used to monitor your account activity via text messaging, phone call or email.

It’s another convenient way to report your outage with the cellular phone number associated with your account. Text OUT to our “Lights Out” number (877-264-5368) and verify your address and a crew will be dispatched. It’s that simple! You will receive an alert once your outage has been restored. Opt-in to use the system.
As part of our ongoing advancements and enhancements to our service system, Aiken Electric Cooperative has been upgrading electric power meters. We will continue with this upgrade initiative for the next few years in an effort to improve our outage monitoring system and increase our responsiveness out in the field. All metering personnel will have Aiken Electric Cooperative uniforms and be in a truck clearly marked with our logo. They will also have official Aiken Electric Cooperative wallet identification. Thank you for your patience as we continue our efforts to better serve you, our members.

Please keep these tips in mind when trying to determine if you are communicating with an Aiken Electric employee:

Things AEC employees do:

  • Travel in vehicles clearly marked with an AEC logo
  • Require employees to carry a co-op photo ID
  • AEC field employees wear issued uniforms (blue and tan)

Things AEC employees do not do:

  • Call and request account information or a full SSN
  • Conduct electric work inside your home (Except for H2O Select PLUS 2 members with water heater timers)
  • Require prepaid debit cards as the ONLY method of payment (AEC authorized payment options can be found at
  • Charge additional fees to process payments (We recommend members make payments with AEC authorized payment options)
  • Operate business outside of

Eric Savage

Remember, there are legitimate third party processors who may assess a fee to make a payment and it could take up to five days. Be informed. If you feel like a scammer pretending to be an AEC employee has visited or contacted you, call the co-op to verify and, also, report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

Representatives of Aiken Electric Cooperative working in the field always travel in vehicles with an AEC logo, carry an employee ID and wear blue and tan uniforms, like, AEC Field Services Technician, Eric Savage, pictured on the left.


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Storm Center

Access outage information and outage map. Find out how to AEC report outages.


Access outage information and outage map. Find out how to report outages.


Water Heater Program

Staying in hot water in now a PLUS!

H2O Select Plus 2

Aiken Electric’s electric water heater and timer incentive program.

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Gary Stooksbury CEO

Everyone’s a winner

THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS THAT come with being a member of an electric cooperative, some of which are the very principles we were founded upon. These notions lead electric cooperatives like Aiken Electric Cooperative to do business in a better way every single day.

Voluntary and Open Membership
Co-ops are open to anyone who is able to use its services, which means any person who moves onto Aiken Electric Cooperative lines is allowed membership. Annual meetings serve as a way for members to get to know the people who run their co-op, and it’s where members are updated on business matters. Our meeting is just a few weeks away. We hope to see you there. The details of this event can be found on the facing page. Be sure to bring your special cover from this month’s magazine with you. Who knows, you may even be the winner of our grand prize!

Members’ Economic Participation
Our cooperative is owned by you, our members, which means we don’t create profits for shareholders. Any excess revenue is given back to membership in the form of capital credits. We’re proud to support our communities by putting money back into the local economy—and into the pockets of those we serve.

Autonomy and Independence / Democratic Member Control
While we do work with our co-op neighbors, we still remain independent. AEC members are the sole governors of AEC. The Board of Trustees you’ve elected works on each of their district’s behalf to approve policies and resolutions that work in everyone’s favor.

Education, Training, and Information
Cooperatives have a charge to keep their members informed—not just about cooperative business, but also about topics like energy efficiency, power restoration, cooperative programs, and community contribution. SC Living is one of the ways we keep you up-to date on relevant news. You’ll also find more information about how well your cooperative did last year, as well as our strategic plan in our Annual Report in the center of the magazine.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Even though co-ops are independent entities, they still rely on one another to share resources, information, and, in some cases, manpower. Electric co-ops have long relied on one another to get power restored more quickly after severe weather emergencies. When AEC needs extra hands after an ice storm or tornado, co-ops from neighboring towns and states come to assist.

Concern for Community
AEC undertakes a variety of projects, from participating in the CSRA Heart Walk to supporting the causes of our very own WIRE chapter. While our first priority is delivering safe, affordable, reliable electricity to those we serve, we also feel strongly about supporting and contributing to the development of our communities.

With Aiken Electric Cooperative, everyone’s a winner, and we look forward to adding to the list of ways we serve you.

Gary L. Stooksbury, Chief Executive Officer
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