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Water Heater Program

Staying in hot water in now a PLUS!

H2O Select Plus 2

Aiken Electric’s electric water heater and timer incentive program.

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Gary Stooksbury CEO

Let your voice be heard

HERE AT AIKEN ELECTRIC we want to see civic engagement in our rural communities increase. We want to give you what you need to make informed decisions about candidates at all levels of government, not just the presidential race. And we want you to know more about the issues that could impact our local communities.

America’s electric cooperatives are doing their part by informing co-op staff and members through Co-ops Vote, a non-partisan campaign with one simple goal: increase voter turnout at the polls. By visiting, you can learn about your candidates, access voter registration information and more.

Many people see “smaller” elections as less important than national elections. In reality, state and local elections have an even greater impact on local communities because the candidates are running on local issues—issues that are closer to voters’ everyday lives than many national issues.

Whether you have a local or state election this year, we encourage you to visit to learn more about the issues that impact us locally. Let’s work together to improve our communities by increasing voter turnout and changing our country, one vote at a time.

Gary L. Stooksbury, Chief Executive Officer
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