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Aiken, South Carolina

Distributed Energy Resources RIDER


Available in all territory served by the Cooperative, in conjunction with the appropriate Cooperative’s Rate Schedule, subject to the Cooperative’s Service Rules and Regulations. Furthermore, this Rider is available on a first come, first serve basis, except that the total capacity of all consumer-owned generating systems, served under this Rider, shall not exceed a limit determined by Government, Central Electric Power Cooperative, and in accordance with Exhibit A.

  1. System Type

This rider is applicable to Consumers where solar photovoltaic, wind-powered, biomass-fueled, or micro- hydro, or other Cooperative-approved renewable generation sources of electric energy (“Eligible Generation Source”) are installed on the Consumer’s primary legal property where a part or all of the electrical requirements of the member can be supplied from the member’s generating system can receive service under this rider.

This rider is applicable only for installed generation systems where the rated capacity of the Consumer’s generating system shall comply with the Cooperative’s then current “Standard for Interconnecting Generation with Electric Power Systems” (“Interconnection Standard”). In addition, Consumer’s generating system must be manufactured, installed, and operated in accordance with applicable Government and Industry standards.

  1. Nameplate Rating

To qualify for service under this Rider, the Nameplate Rating of the Consumer’s installed generation system and equipment must be approved by the Cooperative based on Government and Central Electric Power Cooperative’s guidelines.


A.   Rate

The charge per month shall be determined from the appropriate rate schedule, as referenced above under AVAILABILITY. The monthly bill shall be determined as follows:

  1. The facilities charge shall be determined and billed as set forth in the applicable rate schedule, as described in the AVAILABILITY section above.
  1. For each billing period, the Consumer’s monthly energy consumption and generation will be metered. The cumulative kWh Delivered to the Consumer will be metered separately from the kWh Received to the grid from the Consumer. All Delivered kWh will be charged according to the applicable rate schedule and Received energy for that billing period will be credited by an amount per kilowatt-hour at the Cooperative’s Value of Renewable Generation as determined in accordance with Exhibit A (“Excess Energy Credit”).
  1. As of the Effective Date of this Rider, the Cooperative’s Value of Renewable Generation.
    1. Limitations on Net Billing Load

If the Consumer’s proposed installation results in the total net billing generation exceeding the limitation provided under “AVAILABILITY”, above, the Consumer will be notified that service under this Rider is not allowed.

    1. Execution of Interconnection Agreement

The Consumer must execute an Interconnection Agreement prior to receiving service under this Rider. The agreement shall include a description of the conditions related to interconnection of the Consumer generation with the Cooperative’s electrical system.

  1. Applicable Rate Schedule

All provisions of the applicable rate schedule including, but not limited to, Facilities Charge, Determination of Billing Demand, Determination of On-Peak and Off-Peak Hours, Definition of Month, Contract Demand, Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment, etc. will apply to service supplied under this Rider.

  1. Ownership of Premises

If the Consumer is not the owner of the premises receiving electric service from the Cooperative, the Cooperative shall have the right to require that the owner of the premises give satisfactory written approval of the Consumer’s request for service under this Rider.

  1. Interconnection
    1. COMPLIANCE – When interconnecting Generation, the Consumer shall comply with the requirements of the Cooperative’s Interconnection Standard.
    1. APPLICATION – The Consumer shall submit an Application to Interconnect Generation, which must be accepted by the Cooperative, and pay an application fee in accordance with the Interconnection Standard.
    1. INSURANCE – The Consumer shall comply with the liability insurance requirements of the Cooperative’s Interconnection Standard.
  1. System Upgrades

The Cooperative will furnish, install, own and maintain metering to measure the kilowatt demand and kilowatt-hours delivered by the Cooperative to the Consumer. The Cooperative shall have the right to install special metering and load research devices on the Consumer’s equipment and the right to use the Consumer’s telephone line for communication with the Cooperative’s and the Consumer’s equipment.

The Consumer shall pay for any costs associated with upgrades to the Cooperative’s distribution system required for the Cooperative to maintain a safe and reliable distribution system, necessitated by providing service to Consumer, hereunder. If the renewable generation on the circuit exceeds 60kW the Cooperative will require a feasibility study to be conducted. The Consumer shall pay for any costs associated with the feasibility study.


Acceptance of service under this Rider binds the Consumer to all terms and conditions of this Rider. Such obligations shall begin on the date of such acceptance of service and shall continue for an initial term of one (1) year and thereafter for additional terms of one (1) year each, unless and until terminated at the end of such initial term or any additional term by not less than sixty (60) day’s advance written notice of termination from the Consumer to the Cooperative. A separate contract shall be executed for each of Consumer’s meters/service locations where service will be taken hereunder.

The Cooperative reserves the sole right to terminate service to a Consumer under this Rider at any time upon written notice in the event that the Consumer violates any of the terms or conditions of the Rider, or if the Consumer operates the generation system and equipment in a manner which is detrimental to the Cooperative or any of Cooperative’s other consumers. Additionally, the Cooperative reserves the right to modify or terminate this Rider in whole or in part at any time in accordance with its bylaws, policies and procedures.




The Cooperative’s determination of the Value of Renewable Generation shall be developed in accordance with good utility practice based on Cooperative’s wholesale power supplier’s value of renewable generation with adjustments to account for use at the retail level (e.g. distribution losses). The Value of Renewable Generation shall be evaluated regularly in Operational Policy 1031.

The Consumers installed generation systems rated capacity shall comply with Aiken Electric Cooperatives Operational Policy 1031.