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Right-of-Way...done the right way.

Before You Plant...Look Up!

Easement Area Ensuring that our member-owners have reliable and efficient electric service is a driving force at Aiken Electric Cooperative. One way we do this is by maintaining a clear path, or right-of-way easement, around power lines.

By strategically removing only the woody products and undergrowth within the easement area,we strive to have as little effect on the landscape as possible. Once trimmed,we spray trees with an environmentally friendly herbicide that is not harmful to humans or animals.Right of way specs

On the environmental front, Aiken Electric is an active sponsor of Project Habitat, which manages power line right-of-ways to provide natural habitat for wildlife. We are also a partner in the POWER for Wildlife program, which enhances wildlife habitat while enduring safe and efficient delivery of electricity.Right of way specs

Before you plant...look up! When you plant a tree, think about your tree’s future growth and whether it will impact power lines. The smart approach is to not plant any trees within the easement area. This will best preserve your trees, and protect you and your family from potential power loss.
When you see maintenance crews trimming or removing trees and shrubs near right-of-ways, please remember that they are also doing their part to keep your electric service reliable and cost effective.

Let’s work together to prevent costly service interruptions caused by trees damaging power lines!