Aiken Electric Cooperative, INC.

PO BOX 417 - 2790 Wagener Rd
Aiken, South Carolina 29802-0417
Phone: (803) 649-6245 - Fax (803) 641-8310 -

New Ellenton
PO BOX 411 - 319 Main St
New Ellenton, SC 29809
Fax 652-3518
PO BOX 583 - 1195 Bauskett St
Edgefield, SC 29824
803-637-3189 - 800-290-0413
Fax 637-3720

PO BOX 520 - 8381 North Rd
North, SC 29112
803-247-2121 / 800-453-194
Fax 247-5656


The undersigned hereby applies for membership in Aiken Electric Cooperative, lnc., (Herein called "Cooperative") the fee to be based upon the rate
classification of service rendered. All Cooperative services shall be furnished at established rates.
I will comply with the by-laws, rules and regulations of the Cooperative. My indebtedness will be paid when due. Should my account become
delinquent, electric service may be promptly discontinued. Thereafter my membership fee, deposit and any capital credits to which I am entitled may
be credited against my indebtedness.Applicant agrees to pay all cost of collection including attorney fees, collection fees, and contingent fees to collection agencies of
26%, such contingency fee to be added and collected by the collection agency immediately upon your default and our referral of your account to said collection agency.

I grant to the Cooperative the right to construct, operate, maintain, replace and relocate upon my land identified above, an electric distribution and/or
service line, and also to keep same clear of shrubbery and dangerous trees and the use of herbicides to control such.
"The Board of Trustees is hereby authorized (during the term of my membership) to charge against the property interest of my capital credits an
amount to be applied to the cost of a year's subscription to Living in South Carolina Magazine."

Applicant Signature___________________________

Address to be connected________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________

Primary E-mail Address: ________________________

Phone Number: H _______________ W ____________

Requested connection date ______________


Business Name _________________________

Tax ID Number ______________________

City___________________ Zip_________

City ____________State _____ Zip_________

C _____________

Secondary E-mail Address: _________________

As an Aiken Electric Cooperative member, I may receive phone notifications including automated calls unless requested otherwise. Optional:
Black or African American (Not Hispanic or Latino)
Hispanic or Latino
  Asian (Not Hispanic or Latino)
American Indian/ Alaska Native (Not Hispanic or Latino)
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander (Not Hispanic or Latino)
Two or more races (Not Hispanic or Latino)

Membership fee $10.00
Connection fee $40.00 $65.00 (Same day connect
Security deposit Cash Deposit $__________ Surety Bond Irrevocable Letter of Credit
See below for explanations of deposit requirements.)

I am interested in the following options (see below for explanations of each program)
Phone payment options Operation Round-Up Paper bill
Bank account draft Pay by net with checking or debit/credit card at E-bill
Please Fax a copy of driver’s license and social security card. ATTENTION: _______________
For Official Use Date_________ Account number _____________ Location

Explanation of Programs and Options

Go Green, Save Green
Save $12 the first 12 months you pay your bill with E-Billing and Bank Draft. You will receive $1 Bill Credit per month for
the first 12 months you go green and utilize the environmentally friendly options.
With E-Billing, you'll get your bill in an e-mail each month showing you your latest statement. E-Billing also lets you view
your account history online.
Bank Draft
Aiken Electric's Draft Bank automatically drafts your checking account each month for the amount of your electric bill.
You'll still get a monthly statement showing how much electricity you used and the costs.
Credit Card Draft
Aiken Electric's Credit Card Draft automatically drafts your Visa or Master Card account each month for the amount of
your electric bill. You'll still get a monthly statement showing how much electricity you used and the costs.
Paper Bill
As an Aiken Electric Cooperative member you have the option of receiving an electronic billing statement or a paper
billing statement.
One time set up that allows you to automatically charge payment to a credit card account or subtract from your checking
or savings account on the same day every month.
Phone Payment Options
For your convenience Aiken Electric Cooperative accepts Master Card, Visa, and Electronic Check payments via phone.
Our automated payment system can be accessed 24hours a day at 803-649-6245. (Profile must be set previously set up
for use.)
Pay By Net Options
Please visit to access your account, pay your bill and obtain information on Aiken Electric
Cooperative programs and policies. Members can also easily access their account history and see how energy is being
used in their home.
Advance Pay
A prepay account is set up so the member pays in advance of using electricity. Current members pay no disconnect or
reconnect fees. With the prepay account, new members are allowed to begin service without paying a deposit. Members
make small payments with increased frequency.
Operation Round Up®
Operation Round Up® is a volunteer participation program for AEC members to help provide food, shelter, clothing,
healthcare and other services to those in our communities who need it the most. A participating member's electric bill is
rounded up to the next highest dollar amount, resulting in an average contribution of about $6 each year.
Security Deposit Options
 Cash Deposit – The standard deposit for commercial service accounts is the two highest consecutive bills at that premise. On accounts without billing history, the deposit will be based on two months estimated usage.
 Surety Bond – This surety bond should be issued in the amount that is equal to the cash deposit amount.
 Irrevocable Letter of Credit – This Letter of Credit should be issued from your bank ensuring payment to Aiken Electric Cooperative.
 Certificate of Deposit – This Certificate of Deposit should be issued in a joint account named to the consumer and Aiken Electric Cooperative, and should equal to the cash deposit amount.