Run United 2015


USATF Certificate#SC15006DW Effective Dates: February 3, 2015 Thru December 31, 2025

The 5K Run will start at 8 a.m. Start on Park Avenue, East Bound Lane.

Registration is now opened. Registration will be accepted up to race day.


On Park Avenue, East Bound Lane, Before Newberry St South, at 29 ft west of western edge of Pedestrian walkway, 42.5 ft west of manhole center point, 78.5 ft west of SCDOT Pole ao379694


On Newberry St, North Bound Lane, After Park Avenue West, at South Edge of Marked Pedestrian walkway, 27 ft north of manhole center point (#1, see detail), 2.5 ft south of manhole center point (#2, see Finish line detail)

Mile 1: On Horry Extension into School Parking/Drop-off, 45 ft before (North of) Bus Shelter (no mark)

Mile 2: On Colleton Ave, at turn onto Orangeburg St. , 34 feet west (before) the drain grate in south lane of Orangeburg (Turn is at First Orangeburg divided Rd) , Turn is used as mark

Mile 3: On Newberry, North Bound, After bridge, even with divided highway sign , marked w/ N/W on center of street