Good Cents - Improved Home Program
Not available to new customers. Existing customers will remain on rate until further notice.
Effective on bills rendered on or after July 1, 2016.

Section 1. Availability:
This schedule is available in the service area of Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc. to members who are participants in the program as of July 1, 2016.

Section 2. Applicability:
This schedule is applicable for use in private residences and single-family dwelling units for those homes certified under Aiken Electric Cooperative's Good Cents (Improved) Home Program after energy audit and subsequent inspections to assure compliance with Aiken Electric Cooperative's requirements. Energy delivered to each residence or dwelling unit shall be separately metered, and shall include energy used for incidental, non-commercial purposes (e.g., swimming pools, garages, workshops). This schedule is not applicable to recognized boarding or rooming houses or commercial establishments. Energy taken under this schedule may not be resold or shared with others.
Good Cents (Improved) standard requirements for certification under Aiken Electric's Good Cents (Improved) Home Program are contained in Aiken Electric's Good Cents Program standard, copies of which are available at Aiken Electric's retail offices.

Section 3. Character of Service:
The type of service rendered under this schedule shall be alternating current, 60 hertz, single-phase at available voltage.

Section 4. Monthly Rates & Charges:
Service Charge per month: $ 24.00 per month

Energy Charge per kWh per month:

Summer (July – October Bills)

First 200 kWh $ 0.130
Next 800 kWh $ 0.1135
Over 1000 kWh $ 0.121

Winter (November – June Bills)
First 200 kWh $ 0.130
Next 800 kWh $ 0.1135
Over 1000 kWh $ 0.104

B. Power Cost Adjustment Clause - the above rates shall be adjusted in accordance with schedule PCA.

Section 4. Monthly Rates & Charges:
C. Good Cents (Improved) Credit:
For those customers who meet the requirements set forth by Aiken Electric, a credit of $5.50 shall be applied to each monthly bill for which service is rendered through 3/31/17; provided, however, that in no event shall such credit reduce the total monthly bill below the minimum charge set forth below. On 4/1/17, the credit will be reduced to $2.75 per month until 3/31/18. On 4/1/18 the credit will be reduced to $0 per month.

Section 5. Power cost Adjustments Clause:
The above rates shall be adjusted in accordance with Schedule PCA.

Section 6. Minimum Monthly Bill:
The minimum monthly charge for service rendered under this rate shall be $24.00 where 15 kVA of transformer capacity or less is required. For consumers requiring in excess of 15kVA of installed transformer capacity, the above minimum charge may be increased by $.75 for each kVA or fraction thereof above 15 kVA which is applied by the Cooperative.

Section 7. Terms of Payment:
The above rates are net. Bills are due when rendered and past due if not paid within 20 days of the billing date.