Submittal of Required Documents

Must be completed, signed and dated

• Agreement
• Application – $100 application fee must be paid at time of submission
• Insurance Requirement

System Size Limitation

• Based off of the members’ peak demand or highest hourly usage (AC Size only)

Installation Requirements

• 1-line diagram of the system to be installed
• Disconnect installation – located within arm’s reach and visible from the meter
• Proper signage on the disconnect and meter can
• Additional #6 Bare ground wire that comes from the disconnect to the existing house ground
             o This ensures that there is no potential difference between the disconnect and the meter
• Connections must be made inside the member’s breaker panel
            o No connections are to be made inside the meter base, this is considered tampering and may result in a tampering fee.

Following the Solar Installation

• Notify Aiken Electric Cooperative (AEC) and Aiken County that it is ready for inspection
• Aiken County must inspect and pass solar installation
• Following inspection approval, AEC will perform a final inspection to ensure it follows all installation requirements deemed by the Cooperative

After Inspection

• If requirements are NOT met, AEC will notify the solar company and schedule new inspection
• If requirements are met, the meter department will be scheduled to install a bi-directional meter in place of the existing meter
• There is a 2-week turnaround time for the meter change
                    o DO NOT LEAVE SOLAR SYSTEM ENERGIZED AFTER TESTING – the system should only be energized once AEC completes meter change

•Member is notified when bi-directional meter has been installed

Aiken Electric Cooperative does not sell, install, or make any recommendations in regards to the installation of solar panels. However, we do recommend to do your research on the company that you are working with and to notify Aiken Electric Cooperative prior to purchasing your solar. *


The Net Metering Rider is available to residential accounts only.

Additional Information:
  • Interconnection Standard Application : This Standard contains the requirements, in addition to applicable tariffs and service regulations , for parallel interconnection of non-utility owned single phase small generation systems which are rated at 20 kW or less for residential customers and 100kW or less for non residential customers and are consistent with Section6 of the document.
  • Central Purchase from Members Surplus : This schedule is applicable to residential customers of Members of Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (“Central”) for demand and energy purchases by Central from each Eligible Generation Source operated by the Members’ residential customers.
  • Interconnection Agreement : Interconnection agreement for small generation less than 100kW(SC).
  • Aiken Sales to Member : Retail rate schedule for Aiken Electric Cooperative residential customers who operate an Eligible Generation Source as defined in Rate Schedule NM-TOU.”
  • Central Sales to Aiken: This schedule is applicable to Members of Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. for demand and energy furnished by Central that Central has purchased from each Eligible Generation Source operated by that Member’s residential customers.