Key Personnel

Mission Statement:

Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc. will strive to provide reliable, competitively priced energy and other services that are desired by our membership.


Gary L. Stooksbury - Chief Executive Officer


Key Personnel:

Lawrence F. Baker, Jr. - Vice President, Engineering
Bill S. Inman - Vice President, Strategic Services
Dan Garman, P.E. - Vice President, Operations
Robyn McCay - Vice President, Human Resources
Todd Scoggins - Area Director, Edgefield
Annelle Stone - Vice President, Finance and Technology
April Collins - Vice President, Finance and Technology
Charles Rushton - Area Director, North
Kenny Brown - Manager, Key Accounts
Chris Cady - Manager, Warehousing & Planning
Melissa Goss - Manager, Member Services
Muriel Carter Gouffray - Manager, Marketing & Strategic Services
Celine Mitchell - Manager, Information Systems
Keyatta Priester - Manager, Community Development
Lynn West - Executive Assistant