Meter Monitor

Find out where your energy dollars go.


You can save money by understanding how you use electricity

Where Do My Energy Dollars Go?

The energy experts at Aiken Electric Cooperative offer this brochure to help you use electricity more efficiently.One way to become a more efficient consumer is to learn to read your meter.Another is to learn how to calculate the cost of operating your household appliances.We work to use innovative technologies to provide reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost.And when it comes to conserving energy – knowledge is power!

How To Read A Meter

Electricity usage is measured in kilowatt-hours. To find out how many kilowatt-hours you’ve used in a given time period, you should regularly check your electric meter.Your electric meter is digital and easy to read.

Take a few minutes each day to record the reading from your electric meter on the meter monitor chart. Start at the first of the month and try to read your meter around the same time each day.

By subtracting the previous day’s reading from the current day’s reading, you will know how many kilowatt-hours you’ve used in the past 24 hours. For example:


By recording a reading daily, you can determine which days you used the most electricity. Use the meter monitor chart on the next page to calculate your weekly and monthly totals.

When records show that large amounts of electricity have been used, look at your family’s activities during those periods.Did you have guests? Did the weather change? Then, you can adjust your activities to use energy more wisely.

Knowing What It Costs To Operate Appliances Can Help You Save Money

Price is not the only thing to consider when purchasing appliances.Knowing how much it costs to run them can save you money. Included here is a convenient chart that provides estimates of average monthly costs.Actual costs may vary greatly depending on the size of your family and your lifestyle.Remember, the cost of operating an appliance depends on the unit’s wattage, the length of time it is operated and the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour (kWh).



Meter Monitor ChartChart Your Energy Consumption


Three Steps To Help You Save Money:

Step 1. Use an average cost per kilowatt-hour of 9 cents in your calculations.

Step 2. To determine how many kWh are required to operate an appliance:

kWh used = wattage* x hours used (or fraction of an hour) ÷ 1000 watts

Example: (1500 watts x 214 hours) ÷ 1000 watts = 321 kWh used

*Wattage should be printed on the serial plate of the appliance. If it is not listed, multiply:


Step 3. To find the cost of operating the appliance:

Cost = kWh used x cost per kWh

Example: 321 kWh used x 9 cents per kWh = $28.89

How Do I Calculate Operating Costs For Appliances With Thermostats?

Some appliances contain a thermostat that turns the appliance on and off during use. If the appliance has an indicator light, record the intervals of time the light is on.

See Detailed Chart.

Automated Meter Reading System

Automated meter reading (AMR) allows remote readings of any meter in Aiken Electric Cooperative’s system.This allows better tracking, quicker power restoration and improved service.With AMR, devices inside a co-op substation communicate with the meters and relay that information to headquarters. The AMR meter has a display that you can easily read.

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