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Fact or Fiction about tankless water heatersH2O Select®PLUS 2


Aiken Electric’s H2O Select®PLUS 2 electric water heater and timer incentive program makes it easy for you to earn while you save – and still stay in hot water.

What’s H2O Select®PLUS 2?

H2O Select®PLUS 2 is a water heater and timer incentive program for residential properties served by Aiken Electric Cooperative (AEC). With H2O Select®PLUS 2 you can choose a free, new high-efficiency electric water heater AND cash incentives as well as conserve important resources, including your money!


How Does H2O Select®PLUS 2 Work?

  1. A member/owner may choose a free, new high-efficiency 50-gallon or 75-gallon electric water heater from AEC without a timer and pay a $200 normal installation* fee. (Installation is free for a gas change-out.) You can either pay the normal installation* fee up front or take up to 36 months to pay by having a monthly payment amount added to your electric bill. If you are the owner but not the occupant, you will be billed separately. A 9.9% interest rate will apply.

  2. A member/owner may choose a free, new high-efficiency 50-gallon or 75-gallon electric water heater from AEC with a timer AND receive free normal installation* AND a $2.50 per month credit for 10 years.

  3. A member/owner may choose to have a timer only installed on their existing 50-gallon or 75-gallon electric water heater AND receive a $200 cash payment from AEC AND a $2.50 per month credit for 10 years.

  4. For building an ALL ELECTRIC, energy-efficient, new construction contract home, the member/owner/buyer will receive $250 cash.


I’m a Builder. What Does the H2O Select®PLUS 2 Offer Me?

As a new home builder you can choose the following options:

  1. A free, new high-efficiency 50-gallon or 75-gallon electric water heater to install in the new home you’re building. In addition,a worry-free maintenance electric water heater warranty is provided free by AEC to your buyer for a full 10 years.

  2. For an ALL ELECTRIC,energy-efficient, new construction speculative home, you (the builder) will receive $250 cash in addition to the free electric water heater and free water heater maintenance program for your buyer.


Worry-Free Maintenance, Too?

For members/owners receiving a free, new high-efficiency 50-gallon or 75-gallon electric water heater in your existing home, with or without a timer, a 10-year worry-free maintenance warranty to protect your electric water heater is available from Aiken Electric Cooperative for just $2.99 a month. All water heaters must be installed by an approved AEC contractor.

For new home construction or for a change-out from a gas water heater to an electric water heater, the worry-free electric water heater maintenance warranty is provided free for a full 10 years.


What’s Covered by the Worry-Free Maintenance Warranty?

With the worry-free maintenance warranty, your H2O Select®PLUS 2 electric water heater is protected by a full 10-year warranty that covers all parts and labor, as well as one tank replacement, if necessary. The warranty does not cover damages caused by fire, theft, neglect or acts of God.


What’s a Timer?

A timer is a load control switch that turns off your electric water heater at a time during power demand peaks in the summer and winter months. When you allow the electricity to your water heater to be controlled with a timer, the cooperative can reduce its electrical use during demand peaks and save money, passing those savings on to you. Control is based on peak as needed.


Winter 6 A.M. — 11 A.M. - Summer 1 P.M. — 9 P.M.

In reality, most members/owners with timers rarely, if ever, notice that it is being controlled. This means that, without any interruption in comfort or hot water, the co¬op and you are saving money.

Sounds good! How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for H2O Select PLUS 2, you must:

  • be an active member of Aiken Electric Co-op or own a primary residence served by Aiken Electric Co-op.
  • own the property where the water heater and/or timer is to be installed. This should be a primary residence. (Manufactured housing may qualify if you own a mobile home that’s permanently attached to property you also own.) Non-residential structures are not eligible.
  • have proper wiring and required space, including doorways, for normal installation*:
    (a)10-2 copper wire w/ ground; 30 amp, two-pole breaker
    50 72" 24”
    75 74 5/8" 30 1/4”

  • sign an agreement to both purchase power from AEC AND keep the water heater and/or timer active in the home for at least 10 years. **

* Note: Costs for any relocation, structural changes and/or required plumbing code updates/upgrades are not considered to be part of a “normal installation” and will be the sole responsibility of the member/owner or landlord of a rental property.

** Note: Early withdrawal from the H2O Select PLUS 2 program may result in an assessment of unrecovered AEC costs.

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