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Good Cents program changes
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The Good Cents certification program was adopted in 1987 to help promote the construction of more energy-efficient homes as well as more energy-efficient renovations in our service area—and to help pass the savings on to our members. Our energy provider, Santee Cooper, initiated the program.

On January 26, 1995, Aiken Electric Cooperative informed the membership by letter that there would be impending discount changes due to a cost of service study by Santee Cooper. The letter also stated the Good Cents program would remain in effect for all qualified participants for a period of five years. However, after an additional 16 years of supporting Good Cents, we received notification from Santee Cooper that they will no longer fund the program. It was only through their participation in the program that we were able to offer the monthly incentive that has been being passed along to you.

Santee Cooper has advised us they will be ending the program in phases over the next two years. The changes will take effect in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Credit on Account Changes

New Home

Improved Home

New Home7/1/16 reduced by 1/3 $12 to $8/month $8.25 to $5.50/month
4/1/17 reduced by 1/3 $8 to $4/month $5.50 to $2.75/month
4/1/18 reduced to zero $4 to $0/month $2.75 to $0/month

Going forward, we will continue to evaluate and implement services and programs that add value to the lives of our member-owners.

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