Each year in the United States, more than 200 million gallons of oil are disposed of improperly.That’s 20 times more oil than was spilled in the Exxon Valdez accident.

Aiken Electric Cooperative has a program to help you dispose of the used motor oil the right way. Our Give Oil for Energy Recovery (GOFER) program is a joint effort with Santee Cooper to keep oil out of our precious soil and water supplies.

Just take your used oil to one of our GOFER collection sites. Then, Santee Cooper will collect the oil and burn it to generate electricity. Used oil has one-third more energy producing potential than coal. Two gallons of used oil will provide electricity to run the average household for about 24 hours, or will allow you to:

• cook 48 meals in the microwave oven;
• blow-dry your hair 216 times;
• vacuum your house for 15 months;
• or watch TV for 180 hours.

GOFER was South Carolina’s first program to both protect the environment and conserve valuable energy resources. GOFER has been recognized by statewide and national environmental and advocacy groups as a smart, simple way to help protect the environment.

The program, begun in 1990 as an Earth Day project with three collection sites, has grown to include more than 500 do-it-yourselfer sites and about 2,000industries, commercial operations and farms. So far,GOFER has collected more than 14.5 million gallons of used oil. This was converted into enough electricity to provide power for approximately 1,350,000 average-sized homes for one month.

Aiken Electric takes pride in turning used oil from do-it-yourselfers and businesses into electricity for you and your neighbors – and protecting our environment.

To help you properly dispose of used oil, please follow these tips:
1. Drain the oil into a suitable container, no larger than five gallons, such as a large plastic jug with a tight-fitting cap.
2. Use a funnel to keep oil from spilling and to keep the container clean.
3. Take the used oil to the nearest GOFER station.
4. GOFER tanks at Aiken Electric Cooperative’s offices are locked when full. The oil will be collected within five working days.
• Don’t mix oil with other liquids such as antifreeze,gasoline, paint thinner, brake fluid or water.
•Don’t leave oil filters at the collection station.
• Don’t leave full containers at the collection station.
• Do reuse your used oil containers if possible. Never dispose of them at the collection station.
• Do pour oil carefully into collection tanks to minimize spillage.
• Do help keep your GOFER station clean.
• Aiken Electric Cooperative Headquarters Building, 2790 Wagener Road, Aiken (in front of parking lot)
• Aiken Electric Cooperative, Edgefield District Office,Highway 25 Bypass, Edgefield (in front of parking lot)
• Aiken Electric Cooperative, North District Office,8381 North Road, North (at employee entrance)
Call 1-800-753-2233 for the location of other sites near your home.